Brake pads

UPG has been researching the perfect pad compound for decades, now. It doesn't exist! That being said, we have found one that we are satisfied with!

   Most street pads offer decent friction/wear/dust characteristics but leave one wanting when a higher level of performance is demanded. This is not every day but we have learned that you CANNOT fake braking torque! You can push harder on the pedal but that inevitably results in an unstable braking situation and can leave you with a sweaty brow!

   We use a special Carbo Tech-only material that allows us to use a competition compound on the street without excessive rotor wear! This material has fantastic cold torque and can handle street AND track temperatures(depending on your braking habits, 😉). 

   We offer two street compounds:

   Street/Light track:  Good initial/cold bite, light road course temperatures, some dust, light noise, linear pedal pressure/torque. Extremely predictable!

   Street/medium track: Good initial/cold bite, medium road course temperatures, heavy dust, more noise, same linear pedal pressure/torque feel and predictability. 

   We also offer heavy to maximum duty track pads for TRACK ONLY (due to extreme rotor wear when cold). 

    Dust coming from CT pads is not detrimental to paint or aluminum as long as it is cleaned off frequently. Because the dust is carbon it wipes or washes off easily!
    If you let it build up you can expect some oxidation on bare surfaces and a much higher effort required to get those little corners clean. 

   If you need/want performance compounds put onto your drum-brake shoes, we offer that as well!