Skyline Vehicle Inspections

Buying a Skyline GTR or GTS4? 
  You might consider a pre-purchase inpection!
  We have been repairing and modifying Nissans since 1985 and have much experience with identifying  collision damage and RUST!
  Many times when customers bring their recently purchased Skyline to us we inform the customer that the car they bought is not the car they got. 
  Is this a costly endeavor? No! We have never charged for pre-purchase inspections!!
  If you require additional teardown and a deeper inspection where damage may not be so apparent with cursory observations, we offer that as well for a fee of $400 or less. 
  We do on-site inspections* starting at $500 plus mileage outside of a 40 mile radius. This does not include toll fees or speeding tickets. 😉
* Vehicle must be on a lift with adequate lighting!