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HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System
HKS RB26 V-Cam System

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HKS RB26 V-Cam System
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The HKS V-Cam system for the RB26 is a game changer when it comes to making low end power.

It comes in three versions. 


  • The intake cam side of the RB26DETT is changed to allow variable valve timing. The cam has duration of 248° which seem a little conservative. However, with the variable timing, power increases can be found at low or high RPM
  • Whether you are looking to find some time on the circuit through improve acceleration out of lower speed corners, or simply want something which can overtake with ease on the street, the HKS V Cam System provides good power from low RPM reducing the necessity for excessive gear changes. This especially noticeable when going from vacuum to boost to give the feeling of increased displacement.
  • Improved valve timing will allow for more complete combustion leading to improved fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust emissions.
  • HKS V CAM System is compatible with the stock pistons. (When using with the thinner head gaskets or modified cylinder head, the clearance between valve and piston may be insufficient.)
  • Exhaust cam should be selected dependant on turbo choice. (Recommended: GT-SS-256°, GT2530-264°)



  • Specially designed cam for Step 2 has duration of 264°, valve lift 8.7mm. Acceleration at high rpm is smoother than solid Step 1 camshaft (272IN-272EX). Step 2 is suited to higher power output at all range of engine rpm.
  • Strength is enhanced when used with upgraded Valve Springs at high RPM (recommended limit 8500rpm).
  • Engine output and torque are substantially improved at all engine RPM range compared to solid Step 1 (272IN/EX). Step 2 was designed to show significant power and torque improvement for vehicles tuned to output 600ps or higher compared to old type Step 1 type B (256EX).



  • V CAM system for higher levels of tuning compared to Step 1 and Step 2.
  • Specially designed cam has duration of 264°, valve lift 10mm. Reviewing cam material, profile and valve timing change, Step Pro is suited to higher power outputs at high rpm.
  • Billet camshaft is used to enhance strength even when used with upgraded Valve Springs at high RPM (recommended limit 8800rpm). Added strength facilitates a hollow cam design has allowing Step Pro to be 560g lighter than Step 1 and Step 2.
  • Valve timing has 50° adjustment from 80°~130°
  • Exhaust cam can be selected to suit vehicle specifications.
  • Step 2 Valve Springs are required.
  • Recess modification of the cylinder head is required.
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