HKS Super Turbo Racing Oil

HKS Super Turbo Racing Oil

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HKS bestseller engine oil series "SUPER OIL" are refined with an additive made by the latest technology that fights against LSPI(Low Speed Pre-Ignition).

  • Effective against LSPI(Low Speed Pre-Ignition)
    HKS bestseller engine oil series "SUPER OIL" are redesigned by the latest technology; an additive was prescribed and added to the oil to protect the engine against the effects of LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition) which tends to occur to a downsized turbocharged engine.
    Usually, LSPI occurs when low viscosity engine oil is used to a downsized turbocharged engine; however, even high viscosity engine oil is used, if the engine is a high compression and high boost tuned direct injection turbocharged engine, and it is run under severe combustion condition, LSPI may occur. New "HKS SUPER RACING" series are the unprecedented high viscosity engine oil that can protect the engine from LSPI.
  • Base Oil is 100% Synthetic Oil
    The base oil to maintain the oil basic performance is 100% Synthetic Oil. The best viscosity and ingredient is selected for each engine specification.



Ideal for Tuned Engine, Large Displacement, and Old Vehicle Models

  • Stock Grade : *W50
  • Volume : 1L
  • Target: High Engine Output Turbo / Boost Increased to Turbine Upgraded Vehicle
  • RB2#DET(T) #JZ-GTE VR##DETT VQ##DET SR20DET 4G63 4B11 EJ2#, etc.

Strong oil film protects the engine that are exposed to high loads.

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