HKS RB Timing Belt

HKS RB Timing Belt

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Reinforced timing belt with HKS slide cam pulley and best match.
The strength of the belt itself is optimized for each engine.
In combination with the HKS slide cam pulley, it can be used for higher output and higher rotation.

  • The strength of the timing belt is optimized for each model. It is designed to be able to follow the thermal expansion of the engine and to stabilize the tension of the timing belt.
  • In the conventional timing belt manufacturing method, pressure is applied from the outside to form the tooth part, but this causes the timing belt to be formed while the force in the tensile direction is applied to the tooth cloth part, which causes a decrease in the strength of the belt. It will become. Therefore, we adopted a new technology that fills the tooth rubber with the tooth cloth part along the mold in advance. It secures the strength of the tooth cloth and prevents tooth chipping due to high torque.
  • Highly saturated H-NBR is used for the tooth rubber to achieve even higher strength.
  • A balancer belt is also set for the 4G63 engine. By using the timing belt and balancer belt together, it is possible to reduce the adverse effects on the engine body as well as the vehicle body.

* Materials and molding methods may differ slightly depending on the model.

* About the necessity of replacing the balancer belt

The balancer belt is attached with the idea of ​​reducing the vibration of the entire engine by giving vibration that is the opposite of the engine vibration.
Since the genuine product is designed to cancel the vibration most during steady driving, the load on the balancer belt increases as the vibration increases when the high rotation range is frequently used such as on a circuit.
In addition, since the balancer belt is rotated at twice the rotation speed of the crankshaft, it is easier to stretch than other belts, so the engine rotation and the balancer shaft rotation are not synchronized, vibration increases, and in the worst case the balancer belt There is also a risk of damage.
Therefore, by using a reinforced balancer belt together when replacing the timing belt, the balancer shaft can be rotated in the correct phase with respect to the crankshaft, and the adverse effects on the engine body and vehicle body can be reduced.

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