HKS Step 2 Exhaust 272 R32/33

HKS Step 2 Exhaust 272 R32/33

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Pursuit of the original function of the cam. That is HKS's commitment to high-performance cams.

HKS has made it a development concept in sending out parts called cams to the world. Naturally, it is to create a cam that will really satisfy the customers who use it. But it's not as easy as it sounds. The answer we arrived at as a result of pursuing the specific answer is "the pursuit of the original function of the cam (how much air is smoothly taken into and discharged into the cylinder) = high-performance cam".

What is HKS's high-performance cam?

A cam that smoothly takes in and discharges a lot of air.
That is, to realize accurate reciprocating motion of the valve under any circumstances.

  • Overwhelming power at high rpm

  • Accelerator response at low and medium speeds

  • Idling stability

[What you can do because it is "in-house" in the true sense]

HKS's in-house production is not just about making 1 to 10 in-house.
Designed with an original idea from 0, not from the one made by a genuine car manufacturer, and in a series of processes (design, processing, testing, production), redesigned based on the test many times It means repeating it and faithfully feeding back the result to production.
This is because we are a pioneer of aftermarket parts manufacturers who know that this is indispensable and that it is indispensable to create something that truly satisfies our customers.

From ponging to full tune.
A mature profile awakens extreme performance.

Rich lineup

  • HKS SS-CAM is basically designed to have the optimum valve timing, assuming that the cylinder head is not processed and the genuine valve spring can be used, and the performance can be demonstrated only by replacing the normal cam.
  • By changing the cam, the cam opening and lift amount will change, and the optimum valve timing will also change. In HKS SS-CAM, the optimum valve timing "design valve timing" is determined in advance from the test by the engine bench, and the position of the knock pin is shifted in advance, and it is designed so that sufficient performance can be exhibited only by replacing it with a genuine cam. It has become.


High lift will further increase the output compared to SS-CAM. However, it is necessary to replace it with a reinforced valve spring (for RB26, piston recess processing, cylinder head relief processing, etc.).

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