HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L STEP2

HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L STEP2

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* Intake manifold, turbine and other engine auxiliary parts are not included

The crank and main bearing cap have reinforced so that the 2.8L STEP2 KIT for RD26DETT can handle higher torque

  • Professional staff assembles the proven 2.8L STEP2 kit
  • CNC machined combustion chamber to decrease knocking
  • High-Volume Oil Pump to ensure lubrication of the engine on a whole range of RPM
  • Specially selected strengthened main bearings and connecting rod bearings
  • Grommet Head Gasket and Strengthened Stud Bolts for improved sealing.
  • High angle camshaft for improved high end performance
  • Reinforced valve spring to suppress surging at high RPM
  • Strengthened valve stem seals to maintain precise performance even at high RPM and high temperature

  • 2.8L STEP2 KIT. forged piston, billet H-beam connecting rod and forged crankshaft

  • High-volume oil pump

  • High angle camshaft for improved high end performance

  • Slide cam pulley

  • Strengthened valve stem seal

  • Combustion chamber was CNC machined to optimal shape to decrease knocking


  HKS 2.8L KIT Stock
Bore 87.0mm 86.0mm
Stroke 77.7mm 73.7mm
Compression (t=1.2) 8.6 -
Max RPM 9,000rpm 7,600rpm
Displacement 2,771cc 2,568cc


Camshaft STEP2 HKS IN: 264°/ LIFT 10mm
HKS EX: 264°/ LIFT 10mm
Timing Belt HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt
Spring Retainer HKS Titanium
Valve Spring HKS Strengthened
Stem Seal HKS Strengthened
Valve Adjusted to seat
Port Smoothing and polishing around the seat
Combustion Chamber CNC machined combustion chamber (Squish area retained)
Head Gasket HKS Grommet Type Gasket(t=1.2)
Head Bolt HKS Strengthened Bolt
Block(24U) Modifications
Head Bolt Hole Surface
Water Holes
Oil Pump HKS High Volume Oil Pump
Piston HKS Forged
Conrod HKS H-Beam
Crankshaft HKS Forged
Main Bearing ACL
Conrod Bearing ACL
Cover High Temp Paint