HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L Step2 V2 V-Cam

HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L Step2 V2 V-Cam

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[Complete engine RB26DETT 2.8L STEP2 V-CAM Version2]

Version 2 has improved intake / exhaust balance by adopting a big valve for exhaust, optimized the port shape, and cut the valve seat into an R shape to prevent the boundary layer from peeling off. Released.

  • Proven 2.8L STEP2 kit assembled by skilled workers on N1 block
  • Improves intake and exhaust efficiency by optimizing the exhaust side big valve and port shape, and measures against heat with sodium-filled type
  • Combustion chamber shape optimized by NC processing to suppress knocking
  • Super cooling head gasket and head air vent hole processing to improve head cooling
  • Adopts a proven large-capacity reinforced oil pump to ensure stable oil pressure in the entire rotation range
  • The main bearing and connecting rod bearing are subjected to numerous tests to select the optimum one.
  • Measures against pulling out with grommet head gasket and reinforced head bolt
  • Assemble a high opening camshaft to ensure high rotation elongation
  • Uses reinforced valve springs and titanium retainers to prevent surging at high revs
  • A reinforced valve stem seal is used to ensure valve sealing at high speeds and high temperatures.
  • Uses a separator that shuts out the oil that flows out from the cam cover together with blow-by gas.

* It is recommended to use HKS Racing Pro 10 W50 as the engine oil.

  • 2.8L STEP2 KIT, forged piston, forged machined H section connecting rod, forged crankshaft

  • High-strength large-capacity oil pump

  • IN: V cam system STEP PRO
    EX: STEP2 272 °

  • Slide cam pulley

  • Titanium valve spring retainer

  • Change to the optimum shape to suppress NC processing and knocking of the
    combustion chamber * The shape that makes the best use of squish by making the volume of the combustion chamber as small as possible

  • Separator that stops oil outflow with multiple partitions

  • R-shaped sheet for improved efficiency
    Port polished to a shape that connects smoothly to it


  HKS 2.8L V-CAM KIT genuine
Boa 87.0mm 86.0mm
stroke 77.7mm 73.7mm
Compression ratio (t = 1.2) 8.6 ---
Allowable rotation speed 8,800 rpm 7,600 rpm
Displacement 2,771cc 2,568cc


Camshaft HKS V-CAM STEP Pro IN: 264 ° / LIFT 10mm
HKS STEP2 EX: 272 ° / LIFT 10mm
Blow-by separator IN: HKS reinforced product
EX: HKS reinforced product
Timing belt HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt
Spring retainer HKS titanium product
valve IN: Genuine valve
EX: 1mm big valve (with sodium)
Valve spring HKS reinforced product
Stem seal HKS reinforced product
Head processing contents Machining of combustion chamber (leaving squish)
Full surface polishing of port, sheet R processing
Cam escape processing
Water jacket air vent hole processing
Head gasket HKS GROMMET S-COOLING (t = 1.2)
Head bolt HKS reinforced bolt
Block (24U)
processing content
Surface research (correction of parallelism with the main journal)
Water hole processing
Chamfering of deck surface holes (countermeasures against cracks)
Edge removal processing at the bottom of the cylinder
Oil pump HKS reinforced product
piston HKS forged products
Connecting rod HKS H cross section
Crankshaft HKS forged product
Main bearing ACL
Connecting rod bearing ACL
Covers Changed to a dark metal color that can express a more glossy luster

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