HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L Step3 V-Cam

HKS Complete Engine RB26 2.8L Step3 V-Cam

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[Complete engine RB26DETT 2.8L STEP3 V-CAM]

RB26 2.8L complete engine highest peak model

  • Skilled workers assemble the highest peak 2.8L STEP3 kit
  • Assuming use at high output, the heat drawing of the valve is improved by changing the material of the valve seat and valve guide.
  • The EX side cam opening is widened to 280 ° to ensure stress-free elongation up to high rpm.
  • Optimized combustion chamber shape by NC processing to suppress knocking
  • Valve system that draws power up to high rpm with big valve, titanium retainer, reinforced valve spring, high lift cam, reinforced stem seal
  • Adopts V CAM that supplements torque in the low speed range assuming the use of a big turbine
  • Improved signal accuracy in the high rpm range with a dedicated crank angle sensor for 36 teeth and a cam angle sensor for V CAM
  • Uses a proven reinforced oil pump to ensure stable oil pressure over the entire rotation range

* It is recommended to use HKS Racing Pro 10 W50 as the engine oil.

  • A high-rigidity, lightweight piston machined from A2618 material, which has high high-temperature strength.

  • Two-layer coating reduces friction coefficient at high surface pressure and high-speed sliding

  • Dedicated lightweight pin expanded to Φ22 to cope with high combustion pressure °

  • A big valve filled with sodium is used on the exhaust side to improve scavenging performance.

  • Full counter crank
    ion nitriding treatment machined from nitrided steel increases surface hardness to the utmost limit

  • The valve seat is changed to beryllium and the guide is changed to phosphor bronze to improve the heat drawing performance of the valve.

  • V CAM dedicated crank angle sensor 36-2 teeth

  • IN side: V CAM STEP Pro
    EX side: 280 ° STEP2
    Reinforced blow-by separator reduces oil carry-out

  • Separator that stops oil outflow with multiple partitions

  • Dedicated emblem with DLC finish

  • Reinforced ignition coil that ignites stably even at high combustion pressure


  HKS 2.8L (V-CAM) genuine
Boa 87.0mm 86.0mm
stroke 77.7mm 73.7mm
Compression ratio (t = 1.2) 8.6 ---
Allowable rotation speed 8,800 rpm 7,600 rpm
Displacement 2,771cc 2,568cc


Camshaft IN: HKS V-CAM STEP Pro 264 ° / LIFT 10mm
EX: HKS STEP 2 280 ° / LIFT 10mm
Blow-by separator IN / EX HKS reinforced product
Cam pulley HKS SLIDE CAM-PULLEY (EX side)
Timing belt HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt
Spring retainer HKS titanium product
valve IN: Genuine EX: 1mm big valve (with sodium)
Valve spring HKS reinforced product
Stem seal HKS reinforced product
Head processing Combustion chamber machining (squish residue), sheet: beryllium / guide: phosphor bronze,
stepped removal / polishing around the sheet, cam relief, water jacket air vent hole processing
Head gasket HKS Grommet Super Cooling Type (t = 1.2)
Head bolt HKS reinforced bolt
Block (24U)
processing content
Surface grinding (correcting parallelism with the main journal), water hole processing, chamfering of deck surface holes (countermeasures against cracks),
edge removal processing at the bottom of the cylinder, boring
Oil pump HKS reinforced product
piston HKS carved
Connecting rod HKS H cross section
Crankshaft Machined Steel Nitriding Full Counter Ion Nitriding
Main bearing ACL
Connecting rod bearing ACL
Crank angle sensor 36-2 tooth crank direct mounting
Ignition system HKS Super Fire Racing Coil PRO
Crank damper ATI
W / P pulley: Φ146
rib belt: 4PK875,4PK910,4PK925
Covers Baking paint finish

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