HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3
HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3
HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3
HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3
HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3

HKS Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3

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Short block RB26 3.0L STEP3

Newly developed 2-piece piston realizes increased stroke and connecting rod length while maintaining block height.

  • The 3.0L dedicated crank is a full counter machined from nitriding steel, and ion nitriding treatment has increased the surface hardness to the limit and improved fatigue strength.
  • In preparation for higher torque, a dedicated I-section connecting rod is used to improve buckling strength by 36%. In addition, we also adopted a φ22 thicker piston pin.
  • As a countermeasure against the heat generated by the high power output, the valve guide and seat materials have been changed, and a sodium-filled EX valve and a piston with a cooling channel have been adopted.
  • Dedicated full counter crank

  • Dedicated I-beam connecting rod with 36% higher buckling strength and 6mm longer shaft distance

  • Machined 2-piece piston

By making the piston two pieces and raising the pin position, it became possible to reduce the compression height. This made it possible to lengthen the connecting rod and increase the length of the rod without increasing the deck.
In addition, the piston is super lightweight at 313g and has a cooling channel for oil cooling.


  HKS 3.0L genuine
boa 86.5mm 86.0mm
stroke 84.0mm 73.7mm
Compression ratio (t=0.84) 8.7 -
Allowable rotation speed 9,000rpm 7,600 rpm
Displacement 2,996cc 2,568cc


Block (24U) processing details Surface grinding (parallelism correction with the main journal), water hole processing, deck surface hole chamfering (crack countermeasures),
edge removal processing at the bottom end of the cylinder, boring
piston HKS 2 piece machined
piston pin Φ22 reinforced product
connecting rod HKS I cross section Center distance: 127.5mm
Crankshaft Nitriding steel machined full counter ion nitriding treatment
main bearing ACLs
connecting rod bearing ACLs

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