Ohlins DFV GTR Coilover
Ohlins DFV GTR Coilover


Ohlins DFV GTR Coilover

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Our number one choice for the Skyline GTR. For a mostly street car we will soften up the springs front and back by 2kg. This allows the car to have a smoother ride.

Upper Mount: Pillow Ball
Model Geometry: Height adjustment screw
Free Length Springs (mm):
- Front: 200
- Rear: 250
Springs Diameter (mm):
- Front: 65
- Rear: 65
Spring Rates (kgf):
- Front: 6
- Rear: 4
Preset Height (mm):
- Front: 40mm Down from Stock OEM
- Rear: 25mm Down from Stock OEM
Adjustability Height (mm):
- Front: +/-15
- Rear: +/-15